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Friday, August 22, 2014

Meet the Teacher - WHAT Friday!

I'm not here today... hop on over to Blog Hoppin' to read my post for our last entry to Meet the Teacher - Back to School week.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

When Thursday! Planning and Management and a FREEBIE!!

Another day of Meet the Teacher week....
Thursday is the day we share about schedules, plan and management!

I honestly believe that effective planning and management is the vital ROOT of a successful school year.
My year plan is my teaching "bible". I plan for the school year by... 
1. Looking at my social studies and science standards and assigning them to individual months as overlying themes.
2. Looking at my ELA and Math common core standards and materials and determine which month would be best to teach them. I pace those out accordingly
3. Type it all up so that I can see the WHOLE year at once.
Search this blog for YEAR PLAN for more info on this. :) Grab editable year plan templates here.
While I understand the desire to paper and FLAIR pen plan, I LOVE digital planning even more. And, yes I do love colorful pens, doodling and highlighting, but I love colorful, fun fonts even more! Another reason I enjoy digital planning is my strong desire to have all of my plans on my computer and at my fingertips wherever I go. Although I enjoy change, last year's plans are a nice starting place for the current year. Digital planning allows me to always have my routine items built into my plans and save me a ton of time, because all I have to do is add the little daily changes.

My schedule is always the same...
Phonics/Reading/Grammar instruction and independent practice
Social Studies, Science, or PE
Clean Up and go home.

Grab editable digital planning templates here.
I think second to year planning is workload management. I stick to a pretty simple routine.
1. Copy/prep a month at a time.
2. Plan on Thursday for the following week. Put all items in folders labeled for each day of the week. If it isn't ready to go by Thursday - save it for another week.
3. Have ONE "to do" stack/pile/tub. Pick a day each week to go through it and put things away and get things done.
These are the labels for my daily folders. Visit the FAN FREEBIE tab on my FB page to grab this FREEBIE for yourself!

Be sure you hop over to Blog Hoppin' to check out the other planning and management posts.

I'm curious, what's your biggest planning/management obstacle?

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