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Sunny Sunflower Plant Facts

Spring is around the corner.

It was over 80 degrees here in SoCal today in the middle of winter.

I'm curious as to what spring will hold.

In my classroom we will be discussing the role plants play in our lives and what they need to survive.
Regardless of what the weather holds, these sunflowers really make my classroom feel spring-like.
Not only do we make these sunflowers to pay attention to all of the plant parts, but we also label each part with information about the job they have.

Those are real sunflower seeds glued to the center of the flower. This resource contains all of the black lines to create this sunflower. All you need to do is run each part on its corresponding color of construction paper.

I recently updated this resource with a more detailed writing lesson. It now includes a detailed lesson that can be used with a variety of levels of writers. I've included three different writing plan graphic organizers to suit the needs of K-3 writers. 

I like to incorporate science and social studies into our ELA lessons as often as possible. Throughout March, much of what we work on during ELA will have to do with the science of plants. This cute little reader is part of this resource.
Since we will be discussing plants throughout the month, I will have these vocabulary cards up on my focus wall.
This resource was my first top seller. I love that its a favorite of so many teachers. I thought it deserved a little facelift. If you already own it, please re-download this revised version.

Click the cover image to check it out.

What are you studying when spring comes our way?

My Place on the Map

Some of the concepts that our kiddos need to learn can be quite abstract.

Understanding their place in the world is one of them.

One of my popular resources covers this difficult concept in a very visual way. I recently gave it a little facelift.

This cutie "cover" will help this fun learning resource stand out on bulletin boards.
Behind the cover are pages of varying sizes. These pages help solidify the concept of just how small we are. That little circle is left blank and I've included images of all states so that you can personalize it for your area.
I generally stack the pages from largest (solar system) to smallest (town). But it really doesn't matter which order you use. For picture purposes I stacked them smallest to largest so you can easily see the progression.
Where I Live also includes some additional activities that are perfect for lead in lessons prior to the culminating activity shown above or as a review and reinforcement activity completion of the project. The resource includes a full-page lesson suggestion.
With each theme I place related vocabulary cards on my focus wall. After laminating, I cut them out and place magnetic tape on the back. Then they are easily placed on and removed from my white board.
This resource really helps exemplify our place in the world while removing the "abstract" sense that our little ones tend to have about the concept.

Click the cover to check it out!

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