Reflections of 2015

I cannot believe it's time for our annual reflections linky party!

I honestly cannot believe it's already mid December. But I'll take it! Yay for winter break and no alarm clock!

Kristin, Hadar and I are reflecting on our favorite things for 2015 and hope you join us! Here are a few of my favorite memories of 2015.

Become a Sight Word Hero!

I have a kiddo who is really struggling to reach grade level standards. Unfortunately he didn't attain all that he should have last year and the riggers of first grade curriculum are quite challenging. We've been working hard and he now has a pretty great grasp on consonant sounds - that dang Y causes some problems - and is getting a surer foot with short vowels.

Holiday Customs Around the World

Our first trimester of school has come to an end. That always signals the beginning of "hectic season". 

Those weeks from Thanksgiving until winter break are always so busy. It's tough to fit everything in. PLUS the kiddos are ready for that break. Fitting in our social studies standards regarding customs and traditions during this holiday time couldn't be more perfect. It keeps them engaged. No reason to try and divert their minds from where it is already wandering... it's time to embrace the holidays.

Differentiation and Stem

Carson Dellosa recently sent me a couple of products to try out in my classroom.
I was excited to add them to my lesson plans in October.

Falling Into Literacy

I introduce the kiddos to creative, narrative writing in the fall.

I LOVE their imaginative spirit during the month of October as they excitedly anticipate dressing up for Halloween.

Alphabet and Phonics Cards

I think classroom environment is important. It's important that all that your students' environment is not only fun to look at, but engaging and meaningful as well.

Whenever possible, I try to ensure that whatever I put on my walls can serve many purposes including beautiful decor. Hey - we spend a lot of time in there - it needs to look good!

Read the Rainbow

I've known and worked with a couple of the teachers that man our Kindergarten team for nearly 20 years! They are amazing kindergarten teachers and work their tails off to ensure those kiddos are ready for first grade.

One of the concepts they begin with each school year is color recognition and our entire school supports them!

Supply Caddies

I STRONGLY believe that teachers have more important things to do than worry about supplies, material storage and clean up. I also believe, strongly, that kiddos are more than capable of running the physical ins and outs of a classroom. Even those little peeps.

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