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14 in '14

2014 is already nearing its end.

I cannot believe it.

It has been a year since I was saying the same thing about 2013.

Time is crazy slippery... it goes by so dang fast!

Me, Hadar and Kristin
Aren't my friends absolutely beautiful?! (My hair needed a brush - let's just ignore that) I truly enjoy these girls. We are fortunate to live close enough to each other to be able to hang out and talk school, blogging and life. I love these ladies and am so thankful for the teacher blogging world that brought us into each other's lives. We are teaming up again for our yearly linky party!

I have a lot of favorite quotes. I tend to gravitate towards any "knick-knacky" things with words on it. The one quote that has always stayed with me is from Mark Twain.

 I love laughing. Laughing's my favorite. :)

I don't really have a FAVORITE piece of clothing. However, I never seem to have enough long sweater-shawl-thingys. I have quite a few of these.
This one is from Tilly's.
My husband and I went to a lot of movies this year. It's truly hard to pick a favorite. One of the more recent ones we saw was St. Vincent. I adored that movie.
Each year it's super difficult for me to pick a favorite series. I'm going with the first one that popped into my head and say "Mom". I think it's smart, hilarious, and poignant. 
My favorite restaurants are always the ones that are unique. One of my favorite local restaurants is a place called The Pub. It's a "gastropub" so the menu is eclectic. The food always has a delicious, unexpected component that takes you by surprise. 
Picture from ThePub's website
Hint water! It's delicious and contains no sugar nor artificial sweeteners! I hate that chemical taste that so many of those "flavored waters" have. This one just tastes like water with the slightest hint of fruit. I L O V E it!!! Teacher peeps you need to stay hydrated! I cannot recommend this yummy water enough. 
Photo from their FB page - They all taste so fabulous.
I just received this gorgeous ornament from Holly Ehle from Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Connections. It's SO pretty!
I think a word cloud like this would be an awesome addition to a teacher desk.

I pinned this to my Cool School Things board.
Back in March, I wrote a post about my interactive word wall and all the ways we use it in class. I was thrilled to see all of the pins from it on Pinterest! Now all of the sight word cards from my wall are available in the Homework Time resource!
Kindergarten specific resources have been a HUGE part of 2014. I am SO happy to have completed Morning Wake Up for Kindergarten. This was super important for some of my favorite friends. I had been promising them morning and daily common core work for their kindergarteners for a very long time. I am super happy with how it, and Daily Literacy Practice for Kinder, turned out. These resources took FOR.EV.ER to finish but were totally worth it.

This is a perfect time to wish all of you a fabulous holiday season! I'm truly grateful to everyone who takes even a second out of their day to read anything I have to say! Here's my family's Christmas card for 2014.

My favorite memory is a simple one. Now that my kids are grown it is rare for the four of us to get together and just hang out. Everyone has a busy, crazy schedule. But a recent evening playing a game and going to the movies together was so much fun! It had been far too long. I had the most wonderful time. Often times the BEST things are the SIMPLE things!
I'm probably cheating here, but my goal for 2015 is the same as the goal in 2014. It's not because I failed at the first time around... just that there's room for more! I've made a lot of progress in living a healthier life and I plan to continue in the same direction!
There isn't one little word for "let it go"... and that inspires too many visions of Elsa and Olaf.  So, even though my mantra is quickly becoming "let it go",  I've chosen tranquility as my one little word. I want balance and peace. Life with less stress and worry about things I cannot control. I plan to work harder to be a bit like a duck and let things slide off my back. Frustration has no place in living life healthy. :)

That sums up my 14 in '14! What are yours? 

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Show Us What You Bought Linky... AKA I'm Nosey!

The first week of December 2014 is nearly over. I cannot believe it. Time has SAILED by this year.

I also cannot believe it because I am in NO way ready for Christmas. Well, that's not true. My house is decorated . . . but . . .

I have not bought a single gift. I'm behind. Very behind.

I hope to make things right this weekend and "get it done". That's the plan anyway.

I did, however, find some fabulous resources during TpT's Cyber Sale. We're nosey over at Blog Hoppin'! We LOVE to see and share what everyone grabbed during the sale.

Of course a TON of clipart weighted down my cart! Here are some FABULOUS classroom resources I found...
Click the pics of these awesome holiday resources to find out more...

Click these pics to find out more about these resources that help throughout the year!

These lovely teachers DEFINITELY make my spirit bright! LOVE the extra help and fun for my kiddos!

Be sure you hop over to Blog Hoppin' and check out the links to so many other favorite finds!

What goodies did you grab? 

Are you all ready for Christmas? Maybe I don't want to know the answer to that question. 

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