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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Finishing out October

I cannot believe this is the last week October. It seriously feels like it just began!

I've been flaking about sharing my plans for the week with you all.

I know this because I've received emails.


I need reminders - so I appreciate that. Thank you. :)

So... this week. Halloween week. We BEGGED to have Friday off week. I love Halloween. I love that the kiddos love Halloween. I don't love teaching on Halloween. No one can "get their head in the game". It's totally understandable.

We have a Literacy Day parade at our school in lieu of celebrating Halloween. Everyone dresses up as a character from a book and they bring a book to school in which their character appears.

Or they don't.

I used to stress about the whole book thing. But it became too crazy - so I stopped.

"Can't find a book with your character? No biggie. You can always fold a piece of paper in half and MAKE one."

"I can?!"

Yep... that's the way I roll. :)

Here's a few details about my plans.

Morning Wake Up is my morning work. These are the pages we are working on. (Click the images to see more info about each one.)
 Dragonflies In First - Morning Wake Up - Morning Work

My kiddos are doing SO awesome with these. They are part of our daily routine and they are working on them independently. Their busy brain work on these in the morning allow me plenty of time to get the morning set up, pull aside individual students for a variety of reasons, and observe their application of academic skills.

This is absolutely one of my favorite resources.

Another favorite resource is our Daily Literacy Practice.
These are the pages the kiddos will be completing this week. Most of these can be done independently while I work with small groups. However, I will use a few of these pages in my small reading groups lessons with a few of the kiddos.
This is a peek at our homework cover page and spelling word cards for the week. We don't really do spelling in the traditional sense. It's more of deep dive into our phonetic patter for the week. We practice it in our homework, morning work, daily literacy practice, stories we read and word work.

We do My Wacky Upside Down Day after reading Dr. Seuss' Wacky Wednesday. The kids LOVE that story and get excited to "one up" Dr. Seuss' wackiness.

We've been studying habitats all month. This week the kiddos will present the Habitat poem we've been practicing. This is always such a cute day. They receive additional points for creativity and some of their adorable drawings, dances, handmade stick puppets and homemade costuming simply makes me smile. I love seeing what they come up with.

Click the pic to grab that FREEBIE.

I'm planning on a peaceful afternoon on Tuesday before we take our test about habitats. To get the kiddos relaxed, calm and attentive before the test, we will be doing a fall themed Listen Up activity. I simply LOVE these activities. I use them to calm kiddos down, bring focus to our day, give myself a quiet break... all sorts of wonderful reasons!

I'm linking up with my sweet and funny friend DeeDee to share my plans for the week. Click the image above to visit her page and check out the plans of some fabulous teachers!

I hope you have a fabulous week, peeps!

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