Alphabet and Phonics Cards

I think classroom environment is important. It's important that all that your students' environment is not only fun to look at, but engaging and meaningful as well.

Whenever possible, I try to ensure that whatever I put on my walls can serve many purposes including beautiful decor. Hey - we spend a lot of time in there - it needs to look good!

Read the Rainbow

I've known and worked with a couple of the teachers that man our Kindergarten team for nearly 20 years! They are amazing kindergarten teachers and work their tails off to ensure those kiddos are ready for first grade.

One of the concepts they begin with each school year is color recognition and our entire school supports them!

Supply Caddies

I STRONGLY believe that teachers have more important things to do than worry about supplies, material storage and clean up. I also believe, strongly, that kiddos are more than capable of running the physical ins and outs of a classroom. Even those little peeps.

Sanity Savers

Have you been following along with TEACHER WEEK over on Blog Hoppin'? There have been some INCREDIBLE link ups happening with all sorts of teacher fabulousness!

Today is all about Sanity Savers.

I feel like I have way too much to say about this subject! I could talk about it forever. 

Classroom Tour

Over on Blog Hoppin', my friends and I are hosting TEACHER WEEK. Today we are all about classroom tours. Here's a peek into my room.

Behavior Management Made Simple

Behavior Management systems are a touchy subject. It makes sense that they are. We all have different beliefs on what is the best way to do nearly everything. And, there is validity to just about everyone's point of view.

What it comes down to is what works for you. More importantly, what can YOU implement well without driving yourself nuts and damaging the little synapses, neurons and personalities (fabulous, quirky or otherwise) of those little peeps with whom you spend the majority of every single week day.

Building Phonetic Mastery!

It's difficult for me to narrow down my favorite thing to teach in 1st grade. Some days it is reading, some days it is writing - other days math. 

Mostly, though, it has something to do with ELA. The simple fact is we cover a LOT of language arts standards in 1st grade and the growth is so measurable! The reward is great for both the kiddos and the teacher! Even after all these years, the growth still amazes me.

Goofing Off with Owls and Common Core

I go back this coming Wednesday. I can't even believe it. Where did the time go?

Our official work days will be Wednesday and Thursday. They are filled with our staff meetings, Meet Your Teacher morning, Back-to-School night, getting our class lists, finding out if we have a combo or not, and setting up our classrooms. The kids show up the following Monday.

Yikes! So soon!!

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