I absolutely LOVE this adorable book.
Where's My Mummy? 
When I saw it in the bookstore a few years back I HAD to have it.

Today we read the book and did our project and as usual the kiddos loved it.

This is all ya need:

1 writing paper
1 piece black construction
1/2 beige/brown/whatever construction for face
1 small piece of black construction for eyes
lots of white construction strips.

No template here. Have the kids draw a circle for the face any size they'd like, same with the eyes - no tracers, no rules... just cuteness.

One little girl's version just blew me away today.

Check out that BOW! 

Isn't it super-duper, fantastically cute?! Seriously, she came up with that on her own (of course all the little girlies had to copy her after that!)

Yes, yes she obviously didn't spend as much time on her writing as she did the bow - her artistic vision absolutely took over. I was so blown away by the bow cuteness, I didn't notice the lack of words on her page.

If you aren't familiar with this book - ya gotta check it out. It's so cute and the kids love to write about what their "mummy" does when they are scared.

Don't ya just love it when the kids make the projects "their own"?!


  1. LOVE!!! That's what creativity is all about :)


  2. This has to be the cutest post ever! Just what we hope kids do...have fun, be creative and leave with a happy face!

  3. That is precious! I had a student once who did bows or crowns on EVERYTHING! Gotta love their creativity, though!

    By the way, just found your blog and I LOVE it! Keep up the great work!

    Colleen Patton
    Mrs. Patton’s Patch

  4. This is absolutely adorable!! I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm student teaching right now, but I'm excited to find all of these projects that I might be able to use next year. I'm about to pin the heck out of your blog! =)

  5. Oh my goodness, your little sweetie's artwork is just too cute!! How fabulous to get carried away with her work...and I love that bow:) I popped a unit for this book onto my wishlist on TPT, looks like I had better get my self a copy, quick smart!:)

    Good Morning Mrs Rubie


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