Holiday Customs Around the World

Here are the winners of my Past and Present unit. Excuse the not so pretty display... it's 3:30am and I am getting a little too lazy!
Congrats Michelle and Cathy.... check your emails. Val - email me! :D

If you'd like to check out the unit for yourself - just click the pic below. :D
In a couple weeks, November will be over and all of my bulletin boards for this unit will be coming down, so I can put up what the kids do for Holiday Customs Around the World.
We will write our parents a special letter and give it to them in a poinsettia gift from Mexico... but first it hangs on my wall.
We will leave carrots and hay in our wooden shoes from Holland for Sinter Klaas's horse.
We will make a menu for serving breakfast in bed, in the Swedish tradition.
We will learn about German tannenbaums, decorating them and we'll research our own family holiday traditions.
We will learn how to play and make a dreidel and discuss Hanukkah and Israel.

We will not only put on a play for our families based on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas", we will also make a cute little stocking cap wearing, sugar plum visioning, non-stirring mouse to go on our walls... and we'll write about what we invision the night before Christmas.
It will be a fun month.
It's a huge, fun unit. Click the pic to go check it out!

I'm off this week - which is good. I have a few things to catch up on... mainly sleep.  :D

Have a fabulous week friends! I am truly thankful for all of you!!!!!

❤I LoVe your comments!❤


  1. This looks like so much fun! Perfect for our holidays around the world unit coming up!

  2. You are so truly talented! This is some of the best crafts I've seen around! Thanks for sharing these!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  3. Those are FABULOUS! 3:30am? What are you doing, crazy girl??
    Enjoy your whole week and REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm thankful for you!!!

  4. Both units look amazing!! I can't wait to check them out! :)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  5. Hi Traci -
    All cute stuff for sure! We do very similar things as far as the art goes. Hope you are getting lots of rest. This week off is going by way too fast. LOL Enjoy your turkey day friend. :o)
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  6. I love Christmas so much, feel so happy seeing kids so busy getting their gifts...I love your Christmas stuffs too, will surely use this for my relatives and loved ones...Thanks,

  7. Happy sale day today - WHOO - HOO! Gotta love a good sale at tpt. :o)
    Hope yours is great my friend.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  8. Oh my goodness you have SO much fun stuff going on! I want to be in your class!!!! :-)


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