iWant More Bulletin Board Space

There just isn't enough room to put up 30 pieces of all of the things I want to put up!
This is just one of my Holiday Customs Around the World bulletin boards. Don't the poinsettias look pretty? They just brighten the place up. Even though they actually hold a very special gift for our parents, I put them on the wall for the month. The kiddos will wrap them up on Thursday and take them home along with those wreath ornaments.

"What would I do without you" . . . "You make my heart smile everyday"

Aaahhhh.... they make my heart melt!

This is our non-stirring mice "Christmas Visions" bulletin board. They look adorable by the Christmas lights.

As part of the unit, I ask the families to talk to their kiddos about their family traditions. The kids wrote about what they discussed. I loved seeing how excited they were to talk about their own individual family "rituals". Not one child copied another. They all stuck to what their parents had discussed with them. It is really one of my favorite writing pieces.

 Not sure what the green squiggle is exactly - but how can you go wrong with tamales!?! Yum!

You can find these activities {here}.

Today we made Techy Santa.

LOVE this fun twist on a Santa wishlist from Reagan.

I was sad that I couldn't fit them up on my walls anywhere - but the kids weren't.

They were SUPER, SUPER, SUPER excited to take them home. :D  Can't blame them. I mean Santa is holding their wish list for Christmas. It is totally understandable that they felt it more important to have that baby in their possession than the classroom wall!

In the light of Friday's horrific tragedy, I'm especially filled with even more joy this year over all of the fun my kiddos have been having lately while sharing, learning and crafting! The Christmas spirit and the love of childhood has been resounding loudly within our classroom walls. It's been fabulous!

Tomorrow night is our Holiday Customs Around the World play. 97 1st graders. 97 parts.

Did I mention I'm exhausted? haha

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  1. Traci,
    I love the letters to their parents. What a beautiful present that makes! Thanks for sharing.
    An Open Door

  2. Those letters are so precious! I love the part, "Thank you for taking me to school." And those Christmas lights...LOVE them:)
    The Moffatt Girls

  3. beautiful post! I love the letters too. They mean so much! That rug full of techy santas just made my day! HILARIOUS!
    Love you girl!!!

  4. so cute! Love your techy Santas. Where did you find the play? I need one for next year.

  5. The itech santa's are so cute. I wanted to grab those and do it but didn't get to it this year. Your room looks so bright and cheery.

  6. Beautiful!! Adore the letters and your boards...Oh, so cute!!
    Have a wonderful break. :)
    Christy & Tammy

    P.S. Your hot chocolate station labels will be in full effect in 2 classrooms tomorrow at our school. New class tradition! :)

  7. Your non-stirring mice are absolutely DARLING!! They couldn't be more perfect!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized


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