Mixing up Some Wreath Gifts

We've been really busy learning about holiday customs around the world. Even though this month is always very hectic, I really enjoy this unit. The kids learn a lot and we are able to squeeze in a lot of fun and engaging writing activities. Plus the bulletin boards look so dang cute!
We are also practicing daily for our Christmas Play. All 100 of us. It's a huge production with every student having a part... lots of singing and dancing... it's a crazy time, people.

Next week we are making our parent gifts. We have the kids make an ornament that looks like a wreath. It's super easy and always comes out very cute.
I use gloves for this part because I am a klutz and tend to get food coloring on my hands EVERY time.
After they dry they even look better! They look like they are really made from some sort of evergreen material. The wreaths are super easy to make, but look like they took a ton of time. Once they've dried, we'll wrap them up in a paper bag made to look like Rudolf along with our poinsettia letter gift.

I'm in running around like chicken missin' it's head mode. December 21st (1st day of winter break for us) is going to be such a welcomed day - I'm exhausted!

2 weeks to go!

Have a fabulous week teacher peeps!

❤I LoVe your comments!❤


  1. This is such an AWESOME packet! I have it and LOVE it!! You are such a good teacher, Traci!! It is now a countdown to December 21st!!

  2. Cute cute cute! I'm sure the parents love receiving these ornaments!!!! Happy holidays to you! :)

  3. Your timing couldn't be better for me. I was just wondering what we would make for our gifts this year. These look great!
    Grade ONEderful
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  4. Thanks for sharing. I'd been searching for a good idea for parent gifts.

  5. How much shredded wheat do you put in each bag?


    1. It's one "biscuit" per wreath. Be sure you get the orignal large size. The cereal comes 18 "biscuits" per box.

  6. Looks great! What size circle do you cut?


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