The Number Love Bandit

Lately - and for the next several weeks - we are working on Operations and Algebra functions; most notedly missing addends and subtrahends. I like working on these concepts with my kiddos. They lend themselves easily to metacognitive thinking. Lightbulb moments flashing off all around. Schema spilling onto assignments and discussions. Fun, fun, fun.

So, with that and Valentine's Day in mind I made a new Operations & Algebra functions math pack.
I know my kiddos are going to absolutely love it. I just finished laminating it. I've still got to cut it all out!

It includes:
  • Make 10 Match - A matching game wherein kids practice addition equations that equal 10. This will assist in memorization and speed of 10 facts. It also includes a worksheet for the entire class to use as practice.
  • Number Love Road - A file folder game for students to practice adding 3 digits, encouraging them to initially find facts that equal 10 when posible. This also includes a practice worksheet.
  • Lost and Found Addition - An algebra practice addition game. This game has students practice algebraic addition - where they identify missing addends. A practice worksheet is included.
  • Missing Link - Another algebra practice game where students play a card game focusing on finding the missing subtrahend of math problems. The practice worksheet has students finding the "missing links" that will bring the little Number Love Bandit back into lock-up. ;D

Please head over to one of my stores to check it out. It is seriously cute and filled with some really great learning tools.

While you are over there, check out the other math games ideal for February. Both sets of February math games will be out in my classroom within a few short days. (WHERE did January go?!)
This is a 58 page math pack filled with games and practice/assessment pages. Although the pack contains February themes - it provides great practice for anytime of the school year. It includes
  • Snuggy Buggy Fact Family - A Fact Family Card Game for sums 10 to 17. This game allows students plenty of opportunity to practice larger number math facts. Students identify the missing component in fact families by using the colorful and cute Snuggy Buggy playing cards. Additionally, there are several worksheets that allow students to practice fact families.
  • Presidential Podium Facts - In this file folder game, students practice higher-level addition and subtraction as well as algebraic thinking. This file includes several addition and subtraction mats, 6 sets of of number cards and several worksheets for practice and assessment.
  • Special Delivery is a file folder game where students practice ordering numbers from greatest to least and least to greatest. This file also includes worksheets for students to practice the skill and/or provide an opportunity for assessment.
  • Stars and Stripes Equations is a flag-making project that includes a mini-lesson, all parts to make a flag, corresponding math problems and a "write a math problem" activity.

Groundhog Day is already around the bend?! Really?

This year is going so fast. The better the class...the faster the year. On the plan next week is a whole of of assessments. And some groundhog fun. :D

We've been working a lot on descriptive verbs and adjectives. Groundhog Phil's Fascinating World is another chance to practice descriptive language. And it's adorable!

This is a pic of my bulletin board from last year

I have a whole lot on the plans for February. What a busy month. Lulu the Love Bird and the Presidential Fun bundle include writing lessons, reading and social studies activities and adorable crafts. I'll be writing more about them in a later post.      

You can pick any of my items up at either of my stores.

I will be randomly giving away my new Number Love Bandit pack within the next few days. All you have to do is follow me and leave any comment you'd like on this post. Be sure you include your email address if you don't have it visible on your blogger info. :D
Congrats Suzy Q! Check your email.


  1. I love your pack, looks great!


  2. Awesome unit! Love all the activities :-)


  3. What a perfect looking unit! Those math concepts are so important and can be tricky for some.

    Lindsey -

  4. Looks like fun. My students will love it!

  5. Traci - everything is so cute...especially those adorable groundhogs. I bet your kiddos will have fun making those.

  6. Traci you have been BUSY! Your packs look awesome!


  7. Your units look great! I hope I win one! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties

  8. You've been busy! Everything looks great!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  9. These look fabulous! I work with kids that are struggling in math- it is always great to find fun ways to keep them engaged!
    JD's Rockin' Readers

    1. ooops...I forgot my e-mail...

  10. Wow! You have been very busy. These look absolutely amazing. My kiddos would love these. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Looks like you have been busy! I can't wait to check out all your stuff! I hope you have a great rest of your week.

  12. Wow! You HAVE been busy. The Number Love Bandit Pack looks seriously cute. I think Valentines is my favourite day with the kids. It's exciting like Halloween and Christmas, but much less crazy:)
    Take care.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  13. Those groundhogs are awesome! Did you draw them? I'm really impressed with your artistic abilities! The teeth are my favorite part! :)

    Second Grade Sparkle


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