February Poem Freebie and Super Sale Weekend

January's bulletin boards are down. We are on to February. Wow!

It is going to be a VERY busy month. We have so much going on. But more on that in a later post.

Today's freebie is the poem I wrote for my kiddos oral presentations this month. It will be going home in my kiddos homework folder on Monday. 

The "creativity" part of these presentations are my absolute favorite. This month, for the penguin poem, some of my kiddos did THE most creative things. One of my kiddos donned a homemade penguin costume. Another one did this hilarious SQUAWK! after each line... with a big 'ol jump in the air. The class was laughing their heads off.

I don't put any restrictions on what the creativity should be. They get points for something as simple as hand motions. I have found letting them do anything they wish encourages them to use their imaginations and lets those who are pining to be in the spotlight - take their bow. I only have one rule, the kids MUST produce any "creativity" they bring in - parent created items do not receive points. So... lots of the kids color pictures, make posters, create little cut outs, RAP! (adorable... not.even.kidding), sing, cheer... whatever they wish. It's tons of fun.

{grab your copy here}

We're a hockey house. All hockey - all the time. Both my kids played hockey. I've spent many, many years freezing my tail off sitting around ice rinks. Anyhoo, this whole Super Bowl thing isn't a big thing in our abode, especially to me. But sales? I like sales. :D

Teacher's Notebook's lasts all weekend. An entire weekend to fill my cart with all sorts of goodies. Off of my wish list and onto my hard drive! Yay. :D

Stock up on your February Goodies  . . . 



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Thank you Ashley for the adorable 'lil football playing squirrel. 
Count on Ashley to make football CUTE!

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  1. Your oral presentations sound fabulous! I'd love to see those. Thanks for the freebie.
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