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The Ultimate Digital Weekly Planner FAQs

If you haven't made a planning decision yet for your school year, I hope these answers to my customer's questions will help you decide if The Ultimate Weekly Planner is for you. 

I have been so unbelievably thrilled with the interest in my planners. It is truly amazing to be able to share something that has been such a huge part of my teaching career with so many fabulous educators. 

Why this planner?
Unlike other digital planners, there is no yearly fee with The Ultimate Weekly planner. The step-by-step instructions help guide you in setting up a planner that is personal to you and completely suits your needs. You can use your colors, your fonts (on the computer - handheld devices are limited in fonts), and create time blocks that work with your day.

Unlike written plan books, you can cleanly and easily change, move highlight and delete anything from your plan book. Keeping your plans digitally helps ensure you can use them again and again, year after year. It is very easy to make changes - noting things you would do differently the next time around, omit what you never want to do again, move, or add lessons with ease. You don't have to re-write lessons each year, BUT you can if you want to.

Another huge bonus comes into play with sub-planning. Since your plans will always be at your fingertips, you can simply make sub-plans while looking at your plan book from home then email those plans to your school so they are ready for your sub.

Digital planning is necessary in today's world... and so EASY!

Can I use the planner on my {PC, MAC, tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone}
Yes! To everything! Probably one of the most exciting additions is that the planner is available in both Numbers and Excel versions and is tablet and smartphone friendly.

Which version should I get?
PC users will want to use the Excel version. (You must have an updated version of EXCEL installed on your computer.)  It also works fabulously when stored in SkyDrive if you'd like to share the plans with your mobile devices.

If you plan to use the planner on your PC/MAC/and iPad... get the Excel version

Mac users can use either the Excel or Numbers version, depending on what is installed on your computer. Again, once you have created your planner, you will want to store it in SkyDrive or iCloud to access it from anywhere. If you only plan on using it on a mobile device, you can run it using a Numbers or Office App after you've created your plan file on a computer and transferred it to your device. 

Be sure you grab the correct version for your systems. Although the Numbers can read either Excel or Numbers files, Excel CANNOT read Numbers files.

The Excel version has a clean white cover image. It will run on a PC or a Mac that has Excel installed, it can also be opened on a handheld device running either the Numbers or Office app or used online in a "cloud" setting.

The Numbers version has the "iPad cover". Numbers is a Mac program. It will NOT run on a PC.

Can I download it directly to my iPad/iPhone/smartphone/tablet?
Generally, no. Most handheld devices are not capable of "unzipping" and storing files. These planner files are very large. They are compressed so they can be downloaded. You need to first download the files on your computer and select the template you want to work with. Follow the step-by-step directions to do the initial set up on your computer. Once you have the basic setup done, you can then send the file to your handheld device or share it to your cloud storage.

Can I share the plans between my devices
Yes. If all of your devices are using the same program - it's as simple as emailing the program back and forth or using something like Dropbox, Skydrive or iCloud. You DO NOT have to purchase another planner for each of your devices/computers. Although the planner can only be used by an individual teacher, it can be used on all of your computers and handheld devices, forever for NO additional fee.

My schedule is very odd and different each day. Can I customize each day?
Yes. The customization you can do is nearly limitless

I've noticed your plans are on one page. I prefer to have my planner print to 2-pages. Can this be done?
Absolutely. You will need to change the printing settings to landscape and set it to print 2 pages wide by one page tall. You may want to adjust some column widths to take advantage of the space on both pages.

Is this difficult to set up?
I've included easy to follow,  step-by-step instructions that walk you through the setup process. If you ever have any questions, you are more than welcome to email me. Spreadsheet programs are a little different than traditional Word-like programs, but much of the tools are the same. Following the step-by-step directions is immensely helpful. Most customers have had no difficulty whatsoever.

I don't have the time/desire/comfort in using computers to customize this OR My schedule is SUPER complicated. Can you help?
Absolutely! I have made many custom planners for customers. You will want to purchase the "Customize My Planner" add-on in addition to the planner. That download will tell you exactly what information you need to email me and I will completely customize a planner and a cover for you. Here are a few examples of how different the customized planners can be.

Below is sample of a complicated week with varying daily specials.

Below is a single subject sample with plenty of room for detailed lessons- one page per day.

Below is another sample of a planner with a lot of elements.

I like the days of the week to run horizontal/vertical. Do you have templates with this option?
Yes. There are many, many options in a whole lot of colors, with and without lunch columns and with lunch columns in a variety of places. Below are two samples - one with horizontal days, the other vertical.
In all there are 88 planner template choices!
I teach high school. Is there a pre-made template for single subject lessons?
There are 18 different templates included for single subject classes with room for detailed and specific lessons. Perfect for middle and high school.
I need to be able to print out my plans. Can I do that?
YES! Unlike a lot of the online digital plan books, you absolutely can print out your plans. I do it every week! You can also send a .pdf of your weekly plans to your administration or teammates.

Do you really keep your entire week's worth of plans on ONE sheet?
I do. Even though you have the option of printing them to 2 pages, I have found that 1 page works best for me. It is very legible, easy to attach to my daily folders and takes up little space. This is my weekly planner.
Does the planner included standards?
All common core standards K-12 for math and ELA are included. Regardless of grade you teach, you can keep your relevant common core standards conveniently on hand within your plan book. It does not include individual state standards, but you can add in your standards if you wish.

I like to keep track of things in my plan book relevant to each student. Are there recording sheets?
The planners include 6 pre-made student recording sheets. You will only need to add your students' names once and those names will automatically be added to all of the recording sheets. These sheets can be used to keep grades, attendance, track form return, really the uses are limitless. If 6 sheets aren't enough, you can add more with just a couple clicks! If 6 sheets are too much... just delete the extras.

Can I link to websites or materials on my computer?
Yes, you can create hyperlinks, just like in any other document.

Do I have to buy a new planner each year?
No. The planner is yours forever. If you decide you want to change colors, fonts, schedule... whatever - you can do it and you don't have to purchase a new planner. If you'd like me to customize a planner for you later, or again - the only thing you would have to purchase is the "Customize My Planner" add-on. If you change grade levels and need to start all over - YOU CAN! And you don't have to buy another planner.

I have used this planner for over 15 years. It is an essential part of my day and a key to ultimate organization. I truly hope you fall in love with it.

I hope this helps. If you still have questions, please send me an email, so I can clarify things for you and anyone else that may have the same question.

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Grab the version that suits you best here:



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